Month: October 2018

The Best Crochet Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones

Stumped on what to buy for a picky friend? Have to get a gift that shows you’ve put some thought into it? In that case, it’s time to crochet a great gift for your loved ones. This list will inspire you on the best gifts to give your loved ones. A laptop or iPad case […]

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Seven Easy Crochet Projects for Beginners

Crochet is a great creative outlet that you can take up easily. In addition to being fun, it also allows you to make one-of-a-kind gifts for those you love. You can also make useful items for yourself, your home, and more. Starting out it can be a challenge to find easy projects to practice with. […]

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Unique and Fun Crochet Ideas for Pets

Just about anything that a pet uses can be crocheted. A sweater, a dog bed, even toys for cats, are all perfect crochet ideas. Best of all, a pet won’t judge if you don’t get the pattern right the first time. Ready to get started? Here’s a guide to some unique and fun crochet projects […]

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Two Clothing Hacks with Needle and Thread

Lace denim shorts Denim cutoffs are cute, as well as practical for the warm weather. This incredibly easy DIY sewing project is great for summer. You can use a pair of denim shorts that you already have or buy a new one.  Step 1: Get your supplies ready. This will be (obviously) a pair of […]

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Crochet Ideas You Can Do in Half Hour or Less – Part 2

Crocheting is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby, but what happens when you’re pressed for time? It can be hard finding crochet patterns that don’t take forever to complete. Have no fear, whether you’re looking for crochet fashion or stuff to pamper yourself, you’re bound to find a quick and easy project on this list. Here […]

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Crochet Ideas You Can Do in Half Hour or Less – Part 1

Do you love crocheting, but don’t love the time it takes? It can be hard to find quick patterns and projects. Many are complicated and require you to set aside too much time out of your busy schedule. Still, crocheting a gift is one of the best presents you can give. If you’re strapped for […]

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