Month: February 2019

Selling Your Crochet Creations

If you have been a crocheter for a very long time, you might find your place overrun with many finished projects. Maybe at first, you can find a place for them in your home that needs your tea cozies and placemats. However, what can you do with the other excess crochet projects that you have […]

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Prayer Shawls Are Best Crocheted With Love

When it comes to crochet, a lot of people think about the beautiful products that come out of the artful knitting experience. Comfortable and beautiful sweaters, blankets, bonnets, scarves, and mittens can be produced out of crochet. However, crocheted products could become even more special and filled with love when they are made with the […]

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Crochet Giving Circle Hosting Ideas

It is one thing to attend a meeting for a crochet group as a member and another to actually be the one hosting the meeting. There will be a lot of things to prepare such as the invites, the guest list, and maybe the refreshments for the members who will attend. To make a meeting […]

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Choosing The Right Therapeutic Colours When Crocheting

If you are a fan of television shows concerning fashion or home makeovers, then you might be pretty familiar with the importance of color themes. The color of an object, a wall, a cabinet, a blouse, or a dress can have a significant effect on the wearer or the viewer. Therefore, the importance of choosing […]

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Benefits of Being A Part of Crochet Groups

Even if you are starting out as a crocheter or you are already experienced in the art of knitting, you can have more fun doing your crochet projects as part of crochet groups. Being a part of a crochet group can be very beneficial in finding new friends with similar interests, getting advice on how […]

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Yarn Tension and Mastering it – How Tight to Crochet

If you are new to crocheting, you will notice that some stitches tend to appear big, while some others appear small. This may be because you might have crocheted on the same stitch with the same crochet hook which in turn results in uneven yarn tension and has nothing to do with the actual stitches. […]

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