Month: March 2019

Recycling Yarn from Old Knits for Crocheting

Recycling old yarn consist of rewind any old yarn back into a hank. To recoil the yarn, you need a swift-click reel, skein winder, or any tool that allows you to wind the yarn easily into one large loop. A friend’s willing hands will be of great help to get a consistent circumference, especially for […]

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How to Know the Amount of Yarn You Need

Those new to crocheting are always overwhelmed with the amount of yarn and types that are available at the store. To add to the excitement, there is the amount of yarn you need for your project to worry about. Being able to make the right judgment call when picking out the amount of yarn you […]

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Cover-up Crochet Mistakes – Part 2

Solving crochet mistakes in creative ways can motivate the crocheter to continue their art without the worry of underachieving. There are several useful items that you can create using the surplus knits. Not every mistake that you make in crochet is your mistake. Many of the errors that require correction is a by-product of yarn […]

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Cover-up Crochet Mistakes – Part 1

Crochet mistakes are almost inevitable when you are a beginner. This article will feature how you can rectify these crochet mistakes in new designs. If you are in a situation with too many afghan squares; it means that you either did not complete the crochet process correctly or you made too much of them. The […]

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Big Hit Crochet Rugs for Kids

When looking for simple decor for a child’s room, parents are always steered toward something to protect while adorning the floors. A home with kids always needs something to cover up and mask the mess on the ground. The moment you find the floors lacking any luster, adding a rug to add some color can […]

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Top Materials You Can Use to Crochet Other Than Yarn

When it comes to crocheting, the best and most popular material would be yarn. Many cannot deny the beautiful and high-quality projects and crocheting products that you could produce with yarn as the primary material. However, if you are more experimental or if you just want to be more adventurous as a crocheter, there are […]

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