Are you looking to start up crocheting? It is a truly fun and intriguing art form. Not only are you relaxing and building motor skills, but you are also creating something useful and that you can cherish forever. There is a lot that goes into crocheting something, it’s not just your skills and time. There are a lot of cool accessories that you need to help you craft the perfect piece. Below is a list of essential crocheting accessories you will need.

Crochet Hook Colors

The hook of course is the most basic and necessary tool you will need in order to compete your crochet project. You will want to invest in one that is of a good quality material, bamboo is often most popular. This is a tool you will use time and time again for years to come to make sure it is a good one. They also come in various sizes, it is smart to have a few sizes on hand so that you can make a variety of projects without having to stop and run to the store to purchase a different size hook. They also come in fun colors that make the craft even more exciting as well.

Tapestry Needle

This is a big sewing needle, it looks exactly like a needle that you would use to sew material except it is much much larger. It is often made of plastic and comes in all kinds of fun colors as well. The needle is bigger so that you are able to use yarn with it, not thread, and so that you can weave it through a piece you are working on. This is used to close of ends, to join two pieces together and for hiding ends into your work. This is a must to have in your crochet kit. But make it fun and go for a funky colored needle.

Crochet Bag 

What women don’t want to add another bag to her collection? And this bag is one with a good purpose. A bag to keep all of your fun crochet accessories and yarn in is exactly what you need. They come in many fun colors and sizes and some even have cool compartments and add ones. This is most definitely not a necessary item, but it is one that you will make you happy and is in fact very practical as you can use it to take your projects with you and keep your house tidy.

Shimmer Yarn

his is just fun, and it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t want a little shimmer in their day. This way you can add it to all the beautiful accessories you are working on. Shimmer yarn comes in all kinds of colors and styles and is easy to use, just like a regular yarn. But it adds the extra sparkle touch that your work has been looking for.

There are tons of fun ways to spice up your crochet projects, from fun colored tools to shimmer and bags. If you are looking to add something cool and fun to your crochet kit, then these will help you! Have fun and keep working on those projects, we can’t wait to see what you make next.