Knitting and crocheting are design forms that are known to have been a part of winter fashion for centuries. It can be made quickly and efficiently and requires little to no effort to be created. There are many techniques to knit a quick piece of clothing during winter. One of such methods includes ‘arm crocheting.’ Arm crocheting is similar in many ways to arm knitting, as it requires using your wrists and arms as supersized crochet hooks and knitting needles. Crocheting, however, is more simpler and more commonly used, due to it being easier to maneuver around the fabric and stitch the necessary loops and stitches.

What Is Arm Crochet And What Difference Does It Make

Crocheting, according to traditional methods from the 17th and 19th-century show that there were specific items that were used to create the fabric. This item was known as the ‘Shepard’s Hook.’ Made entirely out of wood, this hook had a bulky feel to it with a large handle for easier grasping and a robust hooked tip. Using a crochet hook is quite tricky as it requires strong but nimble fingers, and it also requires a lot of time to be created. Arm crocheting, however, requires the wrist and sometimes the whole arm. This means that those who don’t have the necessary skill and ability for traditional crocheting can still participate, as they use their wrists and arms as the crocheting hook.

Making A Cowl Using Arm Crochet

Considered to be an easy but time-consuming project by many traditional crocheters, cowls are a good piece of clothing that can be worn throughout winter as well as on chilly days. There are many ways to creating a warm cowl to use during winter, however using a crochet hook and thread will take many hours and sometimes days of constant crocheting, to complete. Those countless hours usually result in a long yet thin cowl that will do little to protect you from the cold. Instead, using the arm crocheting method makes for effective, bulky yet comfortable, products.

Types Of Stitches Used To Create The Cowl

he stitches used to create a product by arm crochet are the same that an individual would use in a traditional hook and thread crochet technique. Some of the stitches and loops that can be used in the cowl include the arm chain stitch which can make the process of the cowl progress more quickly and more efficiently. The right yarn that should be used to make this cowl, however, must be thick and comfortable to use, depending on your tastes and comforts. Any color should suit your cowl. Begin your cowl by tying a slipknot around one of your wrists, left wrist if you are right-handed and the opposite if you are left-handed.

One of the benefits of arm crocheting is the amount of pain that you feel after a long day of crocheting. Unlike using a hook to complete your loops and knots, arm crocheting causes little to no pain in your fingers. However expect irritated skin and rashes to occur on your wrists, but that depends almost entirely on the sensitivity of your skin and the type of yarn or thread that you use to complete the product.