When looking for simple decor for a child’s room, parents are always steered toward something to protect while adorning the floors. A home with kids always needs something to cover up and mask the mess on the ground. The moment you find the floors lacking any luster, adding a rug to add some color can drastically transform the entire room. As a crocheter, you may use your skills to crochet a rug to place on the wooden floor just outside the front door or in front of the bathtub. You can also use crochet rugs to accent the floor or to safeguard the floor from the furniture. It also offers that much desired lush feeling under the feet in bedrooms or the bath. You can pop them in the wash and clean them at intervals so that they stay beautiful forever.

Rugs have a profound impact on the décor of your home, and they tie the whole room’s theme, together. They serve as an activity area or even as a designated play area. Regardless of the reasons, a good rug is favored by everyone. Buying them from stores may be expensive. Purchasing a ready-made design that is not precisely in line with your theme is of no use; instead, if you have crocheting skills, you can bring out your dream design and make your own rug.

Crochet Rugs for Kids

Kids love crochets décor and will always ask you for more. You can transform their bedroom décor and give it some personality by adding collections of attractive animal rug designs. You can make quirky and unique designs that the kids will be sure to adore. You may choose from an array of animals, an amazing elephant, a cheeky monkey, a cuddly cat, a sweet giraffe, a friendly dinosaur, a sneaky crab, or a snuggly bear. No matter what, cute animals always do the trick. However, ensure these coordinate with the accessories and the pillows in the room. Maintain the theme of the room at all costs. Ensure to have accessories ranging from blankets, placemats, bed book tidies, and toy bags. There are a ton of designs available that will never go out of style in a child’s bedroom.

The Beauty of Crocheting Rugs

This crafty project is a cute way of sprucing up any place and also pleasing anyone, even kids. When making rugs for kids, be sure to include a lot of colors so that it suits their room and their taste. While choosing a rug design for your child, always make sure that they are involved in the choosing process, so they love the idea from the start. To crochet a rug, you need fabric strips and a non-slip rug mat underneath.

Crochet Animal Rugs: the book

Not many people come up with the idea of crocheting their own animal designed rugs for their kid’s bedrooms. There are several patterns available online to get the rug completed. While crocheted rugs are great, adding crocheted motifs to their pillows, sheets and other decors will only add to the theme of the room. Bear in mind to use the right quality of yarn so that the rugs last all the wear and tear. You can have numerous colors, but using one color of the same weight ensures uniformity. Also, add a non-slip lining to ensure safety.