If you are a fan of television shows concerning fashion or home makeovers, then you might be pretty familiar with the importance of color themes. The color of an object, a wall, a cabinet, a blouse, or a dress can have a significant effect on the wearer or the viewer. Therefore, the importance of choosing the right colors when creating pieces of crochet can be vital to serve a particular purpose as well.

Each color has its own respective meaning and effect as well, which might really make it useful for therapeutic purposes even in the art of crocheting. The next time you might be needing peaceful rejuvenation while doing your crochet project or creating a product for a person undergoing a difficult situation you might consider the colors that you are using.

Red for Power and Passion

Red is an iconic color when it comes to women’s fashion – a red lipstick, dress, or shoes, sends the message of power and confidence. If you or a loved one might be needing a boost of confidence or self-empowerment why not make them a red scarf, mittens or bonnet?

Orange for Creativity and Joy

More than being the color of citrus and its juice, orange is a bold color that radiates creative energy and joy. People that have been experiencing sadness or disappointments might need a wonderfully crocheted object in the color orange to brighten themselves or the room that they are in.

Yellow for a Positive Mindset and Courage

Similar to the color of the sun that rises every morning, the color yellow is a symbol of a new day or a new beginning. No other color radiates the same kind of positive mindset than the color yellow. So if you or your friend were having a job interview or experiencing some changes in life, a great token would be yellow crocheted creations like sweaters and scarves.

Green for the Earth and Prosperity

The representative color of nature, green has a soothing and natural aura. At the same time, the color of money, many associate the color green to that of fortune and prosperity. So, if you or a loved one might be needing a touch of nature or good luck on a new business endeavor, gift them a green mantelpiece, a green blanket, or a green rug.

Blue for Peace and Healing

When you are staring at the vast blue sky or the endless horizon in the ocean, I am sure you can remember a feeling of serenity. Recalling someone in your life that could use a touch of blue in their lives? Someone who has been feeling stressed because of work or anticipating a big hurdle in their lives could really use blue objects in their life. Make them a soothing blue blanket or a comfortable blue sweater.

Purple for Spirituality and Wisdom

At some point in anyone’s life, one might feel lost or uncertain of the direction that they are going. You might even be second-guessing the decisions that you might have made lately because of the negative consequences they brought. Purple is a color associated with wisdom and a higher power. If you and your friends need a dash of what color symbolizes, why not crochet items in purple yarn to help empower each other?