Crochet mistakes are almost inevitable when you are a beginner. This article will feature how you can rectify these crochet mistakes in new designs. If you are in a situation with too many afghan squares; it means that you either did not complete the crochet process correctly or you made too much of them.

The extra pieces are mistakes. If you have landed up with too many squares and want to know how to reuse them, then the following guide will help you:

  • Since you have extra pieces, consider making more squares. By doing this, you can make another afghan. However, be sure you calculate the number of extras you need and keep the mistakes to a minimum.
  • If you forgot the design of the earlier Afghan, you made there is no need to worry.
  • Make other squares of different designs and come up with a whole new designer afghan.
  • Making a new design will also improve your skills in the art of crocheting.
  • Use the surplus afghan squares as coasters (mats) in your rooms as long as they match with the color arrangement.
  • If the color theme doesn’t match with your chosen room, just keep stored away. You will never know when you may want to use them.
  • If you must use them right away, try using them on a small table outside your house on an outdoor coffee table. Colors and themes tend to blend well in an outdoor setting.
  • Some of the coasters might appear alluring when placed on chairs inside your home. Sewing up a few of the coasters, they can act as protective throws on the chairs too.
  • If all fails, you can always use the crocheted pieces in your kitchen. They are perfect for helping carry dishes from the oven. While they might not be ideal replacement oven mitts, they will offer some immediate protection. The yarn tension should be as close as possible if they must be used in the kitchen, though.
  • If they are not close, then keep it away from anything in the kitchen or risk burning your fingers.
  • Another creative way is by sewing the afghan squares altogether at their corners. These will make a perfect coronet during Christmas time. You will be able to put it on or around the Christmas tree. However, ensure that the squares are smaller than the tree, or they can be a little overwhelming.
  • You can sew the squares to come up with something useful like decor or a rough use rug.
  • Many of the extra pieces can then be used as motifs which you can add to gifts that you make for your loved ones.

Crochet mistakes can be rectified in beautiful and creative ways. The creativity aspect lies in your mind and online. So, if you have made mistakes take heart and be creative with the surplus squares. The main point is reusing the extra pieces without wasting them or beginning the whole crochet development again.