Solving crochet mistakes in creative ways can motivate the crocheter to continue their art without the worry of underachieving. There are several useful items that you can create using the surplus knits. Not every mistake that you make in crochet is your mistake. Many of the errors that require correction is a by-product of yarn behavior too.

Sometimes, the errors made as a result of crochet are just a pleasant coincidence like when you were trying out a new crochet technique. Here are ways you can always use extra crochet knits:

  • Appliques – If you have surplus yarn at hand, make appliqués for your loved one’s birthday. This is a great way to bring flair to your loved one’s birthday. You will do this by joining an appliqué to the decoration on the gift. The same appliques can be sewed to a leaf or star decoration for your Christmas tree. It would be perfect to add a decorating hook on top of the appliqué.
  • Wreaths and Garlands – You can make a beautiful garland with the extra yarn you have. This wreath can be used to beautify your house or the front entrance among other things. It will be perfect if the remaining yarn is in white, red and green. If you have a table top tree, then making decor for the tree is easy with surplus yarn even in the smallest of quantities.
  • Key Chains – Key chains serve an essential purpose to identify your keys. However, they are also a significant reminder of the person who gave you the keychain. Whether it is your house or office keys, you always tend to have a separate keychain to make it easy to identify. Using spare yarn, you can design and make cute key chains. To make a key holder, use two strands of different colors to create a rich mixture. Then combine the strands through crochet plaits or other unique styles to create the keychain. Keychains are also great to make if you want to practice a new technique. This way, any spare yarn that you use can be used.
  • Bookmarks – Other quick things you can make are bookmarks. While not everyone uses a bookmark, they might also use the end pieces of yarn to attach to the zip of their bags. Every time the gift receiver sees the bookmark/zip decor, they would remember you and you, in turn, will remember the stitch you mastered while making the gift.

Crochet is a fun way of being skillful with your hands and also is a hobby that is great for all seasons of the year. Though you may encounter challenges when doing it, the above ideas are some of the ways of how you can deal with the difficulties encountered. No matter how many mistakes you have made in your crochet project, the errors can be changed into useful products. You can come up with your creative ideas of making something good out of the crochet mistakes or practice yarns.