Everybody remembers crochet bedspreads, even as kids you probably remember at your grandma’s house the beds covered in elaborate bedspreads that she had painstakingly made herself. It is all part of your family history and growing up that leaves permanent fond memories to look back upon. Handmade bedspreads are not as popular today as they once were, but they do add a touch of class to any bedroom. If you have never thought about making your own perhaps it is time to think about it as the hard work will definitely bring stunning results.

Making a Crochet Bedspread

Some of the most beautiful handmade bedspreads are made by crochet, they are an absolutely a classic design and always invoke plenty of admiration. People understand the sheer amount of work that it takes to produce something as large as a bedspread with your own hands. Before you start you will need to realize just how much time the project will take, and you will need dedication to your craft to finally get the job done. Of course you will need to have proper crochet thread, possibly around fifteen thousand yards, and a number seven steel hook. And most importantly you need to choose a pattern that will bring out the best in your handiwork. Seasoned crochet workers would not take a task like this on without also having a magnifying glass complete with task lamp, you will understand this more once you begin.

Bedspread Patterns

In past times bedspread patterns could be found in pattern books and magazine pamphlets but alas those days are now behind us. But there are websites available which you can print off your own patterns, try eBay, Etsy and the like. These online patterns are just reprints of the original and the copyright has expired, so they are not the best ever patterns. However, there are certain sites that offer vintage bedspread patterns totally free, try Free Vintage Crochet. Kindle is also a good reference source for bedspread patterns, don’t worry if you do not have a Kindle most android devices can access the same information.

Can You Handle the Challenge?

Trying to crochet a whole bedspread is an immense challenge, the sheer amount of work that is involved is mind boggling. Even seasoned crochet lovers would caution taking such a task on board as the number of man-hours needed from start to conclusion is exhaustive. In no way should you try to attempt this if you do not have plenty of crochet experience behind you. A gradual buildup of experience is needed first, start on items a little less daunting and of course smaller. Then when you feel ready and want to step up to the plate go for the big one, and it does not get much bigger than a bedspread. Once you have completed your mammoth task you can sit back in the knowledge that you have turned back time, where people spent time making beautiful things that will last a lifetime.