Many people get into crochet later in life as a leisure pursuit that is relatively easy to take up. One of the big advantages of crochet as a pastime is that it is not expensive to start, and the equipment you need is all pretty basic. But if you don’t know a single crochet from a slip knot don’t despair as we have some great tips to impart that will have you making a scarf in the blink of an eye.

Get Tooled Up

The key to getting the right tools at the start is to make it as easy as possibly for you to pick up the craft. So, you should try and find materials that are easy to work with.

The Yarns

There are many yarns and fabric to pick from, but again make it as easy as possible when you are first starting out, so chose a middle weight yarn which is commonly called worsted weight yarn number 4. Look for a yarn that has good definition in its stitch, that way it is much easier to see what you are stitching. Stay simple with a good cotton or wool yarn or perhaps even a synthetic one. Stay well clear of anything fancy or furry while you learn. While you are starting off go for a light or brightly colored yarn, you can progress on to multicolored and darker yarns a little later. Darker yarns make it difficult to see where you place your hook, so stay on the brighter side of things. Always go with the recommended hook size that suits the gauge of the yarn, most yarn labels with give you a suggestion which hook you should be looking at.

The Simple Slip Knot

Almost all crochet work starts with a slip knot on your hook, and is one of the easiest knots to make.  When creating a slip knot think of a pretzel as that is the shape you are trying to achieve, then follow the instructions below:

  • Make a loop, with the tail being six inches long as it crosses the yarn
  • Make the knot by pressing your finger where the tail crosses the rest of the yarn
  • Insert the hook from the right to the left over the working yarn and then through the loop
  • Pull down and tighten the yarn on the hook
  • Make your chain which is the foundation of all your stitching

General Guidelines

Now that you have mastered the slip knot, you can begin to learn the other stitches online or through textbooks. Other principles include always making sure your hook goes into the next stitch, and that it always is placed under the two legs forming the V on the top of your stitch. Be careful when you are working in straight rows as sometimes it is easy to lose count and keep your stitches level with the initial count. In conclusion taking up crochet is a great idea and can give you hours of pleasure, and at the end of it all you will have created something really great and useful.