It is one thing to attend a meeting for a crochet group as a member and another to actually be the one hosting the meeting. There will be a lot of things to prepare such as the invites, the guest list, and maybe the refreshments for the members who will attend. To make a meeting that you host more interesting, why not try hosting a Crochet Giving Circle?

A Crochet Giving Circle is basically a modification of a “sister circle” or a “giving circle.” It works under the idea that one member’s junk can be another member’s treasure. The members of your crochet group can gather together to bring their old crochet projects that they would like to swap for another brought by other members of the group. Here are some essential items in your planning list that you can check off as you plan as a hostess of your Crochet Giving Circle.

The Guests of Your Circle

A very important task that you have to fulfill as the host of your party is to prepare a guest list. Who would be interested in attending your Crochet Giving Circle? Who among your friends, family, workmates, schoolmates, neighbors, or fellow churchgoers are members of craft clubs? Who among them would have crochet treasure they might want to share? If you do not mind a bigger party and crochet-loving, friendly strangers to come to the circle, you might also consider looking at online craft clubs or crochet groups that might want to participate.

Securing the Perfect Time and Place

After figuring out the guest lists, on whether you want your circle to just be between friends and family or more inclusive, the next step is to select and finalize the time and place for the Crochet Giving Circle. What time would be most convenient for your target guests? If you are thinking of having a meal afterward, you can consider a local café or restaurant.

Send Out Fashionable Invites

When the guest list has been finalized, and you have made the arrangements for the time and date of your circle, then it’s time to send out your invites. Since it’s a craft club event, you can take the extra effort to make your invitations look beautiful, depending on whether they are physical invites or just e-vites. You can even plan your party on a designated theme that could be reflected in your invites such as All Things Pink, Vintage, or Winter Season items. Then, you can disseminate the invitations to your guests via email or post. However, if you are considering a bigger group, then you can create posters instead that you can post on community or church bulletin boards. If you are also a member of online craft groups, you can post a compelling online poster in the group’s page.

Prepare Your Own Goodies to Swap

Just because you are the host of the circle does not mean that you do not have to contribute your own pre-loved crochet products. Search your closet, attic, old boxes, and storage spaces for possible products that you can contribute. You can sort through the items based on the party’s theme if you have decided on having one.

Draw Lots to Start Choosing

After everyone arrives at the meeting place with their crochet items, you can start the circle by handing out a container where the guests can draw lots that would determine the order of choosing the items. When everyone has their number, each attendee can now take turns and pick out the desired item. If there are excess, you can draw lots again or agree to donate the unpicked items to charity.