Do you love crocheting, but don’t love the time it takes? It can be hard to find quick patterns and projects. Many are complicated and require you to set aside too much time out of your busy schedule. Still, crocheting a gift is one of the best presents you can give. If you’re strapped for time, read on to find out some great crochet ideas you can complete in 30 minutes or less.

Great crochet gifts

First up is these five minute hearts, great for either someone you feel romantic about, or an especially loved family member. Not only is the pattern simple, but it’s also quick, so you can do it if you’re in need of a last-minute gift. It’s especially appropriate as a personalized Valentine’s Day gift. The most popular colors for these hearts are pink, red, or white

A simple rose is easy to make, cute, and a perfect crochet gift for a variety of occasions. Instead of just presenting them on their own, it’s a good idea to display these creations. Make roses of different sizes and put them in a glass or small vase. Create stems with metal sticks or green pipe cleaners.

Baby flip flop sandals are one of the most creative and quick crochet projects you can make. Any parent will be over the moon to receive these for their child. Make sure you are making the right size for the baby’s age. The construction for older kids who are walking will be different to babies, who are usually being held.

Ever been stumped for a gift for an animal lover? Then you’ll love the idea of the crocheted pet rug. Cats especially love having a colorful, comfy home of their own to nest in. The best thing about this gift for a furry friend?

It can be completed in 20 minutes.

Gifts for yourself

Sure, gifts for other people are nice, but once in a while, you’ve got to treat yourself. A soft face scrubby is the perfect crochet project that won’t take up too much time. When you’re done, you’ll be able to enjoy being pampered and exfoliated every single time you wash your face.

An iPhone case is another gift that you probably won’t want to give away. Everyone can use protection for their phone, so don’t feel guilty about crocheting this gift for yourself — just don’t tell your friends. It’s simple to make one, and it’s a cheap phone case option that will last a long time. Customize the color and trim to suit your mood, or crochet more than one for different occasions.

Flower coasters are a 30-minute job at most, so it makes sense that they are popular among crochet lovers. You can make them in a number of styles and patterns. They don’t all need to match as different colors give a sense of casual and stylish taste to any visitors who might use them.