Crocheting is an art form that has been around for many centuries. Used as a part of ancient fashion and lace-making; crochet is a technique that was used for clothing in the 17th century. The method utilizes a small hook, which in French translates to ‘crochet,’ to make stitches that can connect multiple pieces of fabric while making it look appealing to the eye. The origins of crochet are known to trace all the way back into the 17th century, where it was used in French lace making. However, the first ever piece of evidence of crochet in earlier centuries was found to be from the 19th century. Though other pieces of evidence were found, they were found to be pieces of crochet that utilized a different looping technique and other methods. This alternative looping technique was known as nâlebinding and was a popular technique of crocheting in the earlier centuries.

In modern times, crocheting is considered to be more of a hobby or leisurely activity, that one can participate in with the right skills and amount of time. Though there are not many who still participate in the learning of such a technique in fabric making and designing, there are those who still wish to participate. Over time, multiple formats of crochet pieces have been designed, each for different purposes. One of the significant forms of crochet includes wire crochet, which is a commonly used type of crochet technique when it comes to creating jewelry such as necklaces and earrings.

Choosing The Type Of Wire

When it comes to creating a wire crochet masterpiece, it is essential that you realize the exact way you are going to make your product and which techniques you will be using. The wire is considerably one of the most critical parts of this technique as it is tasked with holding the weight of the beads as well as the combined weight of the hook and the wire itself. However, the type of metal wire you use will show you the effectiveness of the product as well as its strength. Silver and colored copper wire are ideals metal wires that can be used for your product, however other metals that are malleable and won’t be hardened through constant bending is essential as well.

Choosing The Type Of Hook

he hook is also another vital part of wire crochet. This is because it can make the shapes necessary easily and more efficiently than using your bare hands. Each type of hook and the size that is used is very important. This is due to each hook size achieving different results and sizes than expected which can result in waste and sometimes injuries with improper use. Each hook used to create the product will help to create a proper loop to house a bead. If you are using a bead that is 6mm in size then using an ‘F’ hook is suggested as it can create just enough space to house the bead. Paying attention to the type of material that the hook is made from is essential as well, as comfort can result in more efficiency as well as a decreased amount of injuries and cramped fingers.