There are a lot of records in the world achieved by athletes and fascinating people, yet people who take on crocheting are not an exception. It might sound weird or you might ask why there are such records even to be broken, but those people are as talented, diligent and crafty as you may not ever consider.


On April 24, 2015, this record was achieved by the American University of Nigeria in Yola, Nigeria. With 485 people crocheting at the same and at the same place for about twenty minutes, they beat the previous record. It does sound crazy but people who attended had a lot of fun and helped the university to accomplish this success.


Lisa Gentry set the world record for the fastest crocheter, making 5,113 stitches in half an hour! In this interesting craft, no one has ever seen such fast hands like hers. There were others at a “Michaels Arts & Crafts” in Louisiana who tried to beat her and offer a challenge but not a single person could have recreated what she did. After the triumph, she mentioned that it took a lot of practice and nerves to make this possible.


In South Africa, there was reached a new world record for most blankets compiled. The number of sixty-seven crochet blankets is spectacular! In 2018 they have confirmed the final length of the afghan – over 27 kilometers. Also, that day has been Nelson Mandela day and this record is no coincidence – it was planned to make such a record on such a respectful day. It was made of thousands of individual blankets and it was pretty massive, people gathered to take pictures and let the world know.


Resulting in 130 kilometers long, the longest crochet chain caused some nerves and definitely cramps. French woman Anne Vanier-Drüssel managed to create it in 2008 with just six months on her hands and her accomplishment blew up – she earned a title in the records book. What an astonishing work she had made!


A craftsman Jim Bolin shocked everyone in 2013 when he presented over 15 centimeters long crochet hook. “The Yarn Shop” in Casey, Illinois where he gifted it to the shop, asked owner a favor if he could try and prove it worked with no troubles. With some care, he stumbled at first but then handled it and showed everyone how it did its job. In addition, he made large knitting needles establishing the fact that he is a pure talented craftsman.


In the United Kingdom, Essex people from craft clubs joined in to set a display of around 13,388 yarn sculptures and in 2014 it was registered as a record for most yarn sculptures in one place. Also, from that point, more children and families are joining workshops to create their own pieces in Essex and its region. In the UK craft clubs are taking part in the national campaigns to help and maintain crafts and hobbies in schools.