Cross stitching is all fun and games until someone loses their needle. Of course, with all the picking up and putting down and the dozens of other embroidery stuff lying around, losing a needle or two is inevitable. This will often happen when you change the threads or when you need to take a break from the sewing. That is where needle minders come in handy.

A needle minder is a decorative accessory with a magnet at the back where you can attach to your embroidery work and hold your magnet in place while you do your work. They come in various shapes and sizes. Some people even see them as an embroidery collectible as they are very cute and handy.

Typically, most needle minders are made up of two strong magnets, one is decorated and the other is left plain. The embroidery cloth goes in between these magnets with the decorative one laying on top where the cross stitch pattern is and the plain one sticking at the back to hold the needle minder in place.

Some other versions have a magnetic decorative top, usually metallic, and a single magnet to hold the metallic top on the cloth. Either way, they serve the same purpose of holding your needles when they are not in use.

Depending on the size of your needle minders, it can hold more than one needle in place. This becomes particularly handy when you have extra pre-threaded needles that are just lying around. To keep things nice and organized, you can keep your extra needles on your needle minder for easy access. There are dozens of styles of needle minders you can choose from your local needlework shop. Alternatively, you can also shop online since there are more design options available.

DIY Needle Minders

Why choose store-bought needle minders when you can make your own? You only need three items for this: two strong magnets, an ornamental base, and some industrial strength glue. Neodymium magnets are the best choice for needle minders as they are slim but has a very strong magnetic force. Ceramic magnets, which are thicker than the former, can also work too. The important thing is that they stick with each other even with the Aida cloth in between them.

When choosing a decorative base for your personal needle minder, you can opt for small but vibrant pieces. Vintage buttons are nice and classy, but anything minute and lightweight can do the trick too. Try some legos or tiny toys or even your favorite round hairclip. Nearly anything will do as long as you let your imagination soar.

Before gluing everything together, try to stick the needle on the decorative base with the two magnets behind it. Give them a little shake and if the needle doesn’t fall off, then you’re all set for gluing. Squeeze a decent amount of the industrial strength glue behind your chosen base and firmly press the magnet onto the glue. Leave it for several hours, preferably overnight, so that the glue is well cured and dried thoroughly.