Do you know what makes the left-handed crocheters different? 

The only difference between the right and left-handed crochet is in the way you hold the hook and in the direction you work in a row. In right-handed crochet, the hook is held in the right hand, and the crafter works the stitches from right to left. While in the left-handed crochet it is just the opposite of the right-handed crochet. It is to hold the hook in the left hand for the left-hand crocheter and to work the stitches from left to right.

How to Learn Left-Handed Crochet

A few common ways of learning left-handed crochet:

  • Follow the left-handed crochet tutorials. If you are comfortable with video tutorials, you may also consider learning it online. You can get both, written tutorials and video tutorials online.
  • Learn from a left-handed teacher.
  • Sit opposite a right-handed crochet teacher and follow the teacher’s style of working as the mirror image and do it using your left hand.

Tips to Learn – Left-hand Crochet

  1. Lefty-specific Resources – There are online resources in plenty and looking for books that are lefty-specific may be helpful. Besides, most books and magazines on crochet pattern include stitch instructions, and they have both right and left-hand instructions. The majority of crochet patterns in print may be for right-handed crocheters, but now more crochet designers are offering their patterns to suit both hand versions.
  2. Sit Opposite – Learning from a teacher directly always has a positive impact, and it is best if you can seek a left-handed crochet teacher. If you are unable to locate a left-handed teacher, learn from a right-handed teacher. All you can do, as best practice, is to sit opposite the right-handed teacher and mirror their actions. You will do with your left hand all that the teacher crochets in the right-hand.
  3. Use Left-hand Supplies – The crochet hooks are not different for different hands, but you can consider other supplies such as making sure that you buy a pair of left-handed scissors. This may be beneficial for other activities.
  4. Symmetrical Crochet Graphs – Using graph-based patterns is helpful as the tapestry crochet, pixel crochet, and filet crochet also come to suit lefties. Though they are designed for right-hand crocheters, there are some for the left-hand crocheters, as well. If you find the design symmetrical, a left-handed crocheter can still follow the graph and complete the same design.
  5. Reverse Crochet Symbol Charts – Patterns written in symbol charts are always easy to adapt and follow for left-handers. The simplest thing is to change or flip the chart image horizontally. You may use this technique even with the graphs that are not symmetrical. If you flip the crochet symbol charts on the computer, you will get the image facing your way.
  6. Mirror Trick – You do not need advanced technology to reverse the chart. If you do not have the technology available to reverse the symbol chart, consider the old path of reversing the image by holding up a mirror to the printed version of the symbol chart. Work from the mirrored chart now to create the same crochet pattern as a left-handed version.