Have you ever wanted to make your own beanie? It can be a fun and money-saving exercise.

And it is much easier than you may think!

You only absolutely require three items, namely a pair of scissors, yarn and the crochet hook. The size of the crochet hook may be a K or F type depending on the yarn you are using. It is important that you make sure that you have the correct size hook for the weight of the yarn that you plan to use. For beginners it is often recommended that the worsted weight yarn be used. Once you have more experience other materials can be used, including worsted weight wool. It may be useful to also have a tapestry needle which you can use when you finish the beanie, for weaving in the ends.

You need to start crocheting at what will become the top of your beanie. You crochet until you have a wide circle. After this you will add the length to obtain the height. The height of the finished beanie will depend on the size of the person’s head. You use the circumference of the person’s head to determine what height your beanie needs to be. Beanies of course can stretch so this doesn’t have to be exact but there are some rough guidelines. For an adult woman for instance, head circumference measurement would be about 22 inches thus beanie height would be about 11 inches.

The very first step is to make a loop which entails you pulling a piece of yarn around your finger to form a circle. Then take the attached yarn and pull it through this resulting in a loop being formed. The next step is to place the crochet hook through this loop. Pull the yarn over the hook and through the loop that you have formed. Repeat this process five times to form a total of five chains.

The next step is to form a slip stitch. You do this on the first chain by pushing the crochet hook through the first chain. You then wrap your piece of yarn around the hook and pull the yarn into this loop. Next you need to form ten double crochets which will represent the conclusion of round one of your crocheting. For the next round you need to form three double crochets. It is useful to place something in each round to show where it ends.

For the following rounds up to round six you will stitch two double crochets into each crochet. For the final rounds which will be about eight to fifteen depending on the height you need, you will form single double crochets in each double crochet. You can then make a border for your beanie. To do this you can in the last two rows form a single crochet and then do a slip stitch and tie off. Once at the correct length you can obviously stop, tie off the yarn, and cut off the rest of the yarn.