Are you looking at making your first crochet scarf? Come on board as we take you through all the tips that will help you make the perfect scarf as a beginner. They are just two types of Crochet stitches; the chain stitch and the single crochet stitch. As a first-timer, you need to learn how to do these stitches before you start off with a scarf.

Materials You Will Need To Crochet A Scarf

For a beginner’s scarf, you will need at least five ounces of worsted weight yarn, for a more extensive scarf, you can go for 7 ounces of the yarn.

Crochet Hook

For a beginner, you will need what is known as a K hook to make your first crocheted scarf. Although, you also can opt for littler or bigger hooks if you desire to make more than one pattern. Crochet is an art, so for you to make the best scarf you need to be creative. You should be able to combine different pattern by making use of various hook sizes to achieve different effects.

How To Get Started

You start by pulling out the yarn with a length of 6 inches or longer. You need to leave the period straight and create a slip knot after that step. You will then carefully work with the end connected to the yarn (make sure you don’t work with the side we cut), from here you will start off a long chain which consists of 224 chain stitches. Pro advice: it is advised you make use of a stitch marker after every ten or 20 stitches, this way you will keep track of your job and count it to the end. This will also help you not count off the mark, although a little mistake will do minimal damage.

From here you will work your way into different rows that make up the scarf. After working on the first row, you should stop and observe the stitches and make sure it has two loops at the top From here you can work on a single crochet stitch and ensure to work through both of these loops together. You can do this by inserting the crochet hook underneath both of the loops.

You can work between the couple of loops and work on a single crochet stitch into the last single one from the first section. From here you will repeat row 2 until you get the desired thickness for your scarf:  13 rows should give you a 4” wide scarf. When you get to the last row, don’t do a turning chain afterward, this is because you will be ending it off here instead of turning it over and continuing.

How to End Off

When you get the desired number of rows, leave a length of thread at the end that measures at least  half a foot. From here you will cut the yarn, be careful, so you don’t drop your current loop. Wrap the cut length of yarn around your hook, firmly grab it with your hook and guide it through the current loop. You should tug it gently to make sure it is tsecure and will not get loose. Weave both ends, and your scarf is ready.