Those new to crocheting are always overwhelmed with the amount of yarn and types that are available at the store. To add to the excitement, there is the amount of yarn you need for your project to worry about. Being able to make the right judgment call when picking out the amount of yarn you need, will give you peace of mind and satisfaction to continue without wastage. When you can know the amount of yarn you require, you will be able to plan your projects using even half piles. Large rolls of yarn are easier to manage when broken down into smaller balls, and many new crocheters do not know what to do with leftover yarn balls. The following is a guide which can help you see the amount of yarn you require for a project. Once you understand how to measure it the right way, you won’t have to worry about picking up small stray rolls of yarn in the color of your choice because you would know exactly how much you need.

The first thing you need is a kitchen weighing scale and simple math skills. You may also require the following items:

  • A crochet model
  • Crochet hook for the project
  • A basin where you will place the yarn
  • A book or paper to calculate

Start By Setting Up A Section Of Length to Weight

The things you need to familiarize yourself with are:

  • The length of a complete skein,
  • The weight of an entire skein, and lastly
  • The partial weight of an incomplete skein

The weight and the length of the whole skein should be written on a sticker. In any case, you lose the sticker; you should be in a position to know your yarn. Hence, use as many ways as possible to record the weight and length. Consider checking the website of the manufacturer or any other site that deals with the selling of yarns to get more information.

Another option is to check measurement websites. These websites have a page where you can enter the weights you have at hand, and the website itself does the calculation. Accordingly, you will be able to buy the length of yarn that is required. For those who have some time and skill, the sum set up is:

Complete length / complete weight = Incomplete length/ Incomplete weight

Here is a better way for you to understand this formula. Assuming that you have a ribbon palette, it has a 400-yard band list complete ball and weighs 70 grams. A point to remember is that the weighing machine should settle on a whole digit. Note the figure down on a paper; assume the incomplete ball weighs 25 grams. With the above figures, you will be able to calculate the amount of your yarn you need.

400 yards/70gram = ‘b’ yards/ 25grams

It is now easy to calculate the unknown figure of ‘b yards.’ By calculating the unknown, you will find it is approximately 143 yards. By subtracting the 143 yards from the total (400yards), you will end up with 257 yards which is the number of yards you have used.

With the above guide, you will be in a position to calculate and know the amount of yarn you require. Though the above guide is just an estimate, it will still help you calculate the amount of money you need to set aside for the yarn.