When it comes to customizing your weaves and crochet products, there are many options to take into consideration. While many choose to utilize lace and sometimes more thread to make their products more attractive to the eye, beads and other trinkets similar to buttons and sequins also work exceptionally well. This is due to their different shapes and their unique features. In traditional products many crocheters have used buttons and jewels that each have different and very odd shapes in their weaves as well as their loops and knots. However, when it comes to adding on the gems and beads onto the product, it will have to be placed on at the beginning to avoid unnecessarily cutting and restarting the knit piece over again.

How To String On Your Beads

Most of the time when you decide to string on something for your creation, the beads refuse to slide on, either they have too small of a hole or too big that they wobble and slide easily. This is due to the type of beads that you may have chosen. Majority of beads that are used in crochet are created for metal and wire crochet which explains why the holes for your beads may be small. If you are stuck with using the beads that you have, then there is a simple way to string them onto your thread.

Snip The Tips

This can be used by everyone who has access to a sharp pair of scissors. The goal of this technique is to make a clean cut so that it is easier to slide the bead onto the thread without it missing all of the other fibers and landing only on one part of the thread. If the bead does not slide on even if the thread is cut clean, try the other end of the string.

Sewing Needles And Yarn Needles

With many varieties of needles big, small, thick and thin being made almost every day. It is extremely simple to find a thin needle for use in this instance. By threading the string through the needle and passing it through the bead, you can quickly and easily slide the bead onto the thread. However, if the needle is unable to pass through the bead with the string, attempt pushing the string into the hole and out through the other side using the needle.

Nail Polish the Tips

This technique is similar to wetting the tip. However, it includes using nail polish or a substance that stiffens when dried. The color of the nail polish used for this technique isn’t very important as it will still work the same no matter the color. The method for this technique includes painting the end of the string with a coat of nail polish and letting it dry. However before it completely hardens you must mold the tip so that it is fashioned into a sharp yet thin tip, making it easier for the bead to slide onto the thread.