If you have felt the desire to learn crocheting, it is never too late; you can start at any time. Even if you have never held a hook in your life or do not know about a slip knot, it can be learned. Learning crochet is possible only when you have tons of patience. It certainly takes time to learn crochet. There are many stitches to know and lots of details about the hook and yarn options to be understood. If you wish to learn smooth knitting and want to become a better crocheter, here are a few tips to help master your patience:

Start With High-quality Ingredients

Ensure that you pick the best quality of everything you need for crocheting. Do not skimp on the budget for the best. Be careful while buying yarn as not all yarn is equal in quality. Always buy good quality yarn, even if it is expensive. Good quality yarn also ensures better products.

Hold the Yarn Tension Consistently

If the knitting looks bumpy or messy, the reason is in the uneven stitches that are made over the row. In order to make a smooth and crisp fabric, you have to keep the yarn tension consistent while creating every stitch. If you do the tensioning right, by holding the yarn between your fingers such that you ease out the yarn. However, there is nothing as a ‘right or wrong’ of tensioning. It is something that comes with practice and has a lot to do with comfort levels.

Being in the Right Mind Frame

The crochet tension is highly dependant on your mood which has a massive impact on the quality of your work. The tension of your creation will also be tight and wound up, if you are in the same mindset. With repetitive and soothing knitting motions the magic will work easing your tension. In case you are stressed, spend time on getting the mood set before starting. You can do this by:

  • Listening to your choice of relaxing music
  • Meditate
  • Have a soothing tea
  • Take deep breaths and calm down

Reading the Pattern Completely

Before starting the stitches, always make sure you read every part of the pattern thoroughly. Ensure you understand every bit of instruction, imagining each step of crocheting one at a time. See if the instructions make sense and think through the pattern. You should look at it like you would a code. Cracking the code will be a fun experience and you will make better choices with your crocheting. You can then make changes as and when you progress and learn along the way.

Learn to Fix Mistakes

To err is human and learning to fix them improves your crocheting expertise and knowledge. This is the best way of understanding and learning crocheting. You can become a better crocheter on learning to fix your mistakes, big or small. Even if it means ripping out the work done to rectify the error, you must do it and start over.

Practice and Patience

Practice the patterns, and you will come to learn new ways of doing things. You must practice using scrap yarn, and keep practicing to get the stitches right. Crocheting knits take a long time to master, keep your patience to master the trade. In the current culture that offers immediate success with anything, it is a must to remember that patience is an art, and expertise is developed only over time and not acquired in haste.