Crocheting can be fun if it is done with the right tools. In this article, you will learn of some essential tools for crocheting.

Crochet Hooks

These come in a collection of various sizes. Depending on the weight or thickness of your yarn, you need different sizes. You can purchase individual crochet hooks at craft stores; however, a set of hooks that have a variety of sizes could give you amazing results. Find those handles which are comfortable on the hooks. You should note that the plain metal type can injure your hands when you have used it for a while; hence, thicker wooden or plastic handles will give you more comfort.


You can snip your yarn well with any scissors. However, if you will be going out with your projects to different places, you need to invest in a small pair of scissors, which your crochet bag can contain. This type of scissors is important as a result of the fact that they possess a little cap on their tip – this feature will not allow them to pierce your bag fabric or damage the project you are working on.


A large number of patterns are available online in modern times from which you can choose. If you don’t like this method of searching for patterns, you can try the option of visiting the public library in your locality. When you get to the facility, find a book on the basics of crocheting; there, you will see tips on the method (with pictures and diagrams) you can employ for designing the crochet stitches.

If you are a beginner, you need to get a small pattern to start crocheting. For instance, you can pick a pattern like a dishcloth, pot holder, book marker, hot pad, and so on. This is important because it is better as a newcomer to working with a straight-edged project, which is small.

Yarn Needles

After completing a project, normally you will have to do the stitching of the ends of your yarn into the crochet project. This step is necessary to stop the yarn from unraveling and requires a yarn needle that has a sufficiently large eye for the yarn. This type of needle is bigger than the typical sewing needle. Two types of yarn needles are available – plastic and metal needles. The plastic type is better if you want to use those yarns that are chunky because the needle has a bigger eye.

 Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are the last crocheting tool to be discussed here. They are little chips used for keeping count of marks or stitches at the point where you started a pattern. Some crotchetiers do not use this tool because they like working on patterns, which are simple enough and thus, need no marking. Others prefer to mark their stitches as they find this easier to do than having to count repeatedly. Various types of stitch markers are available from which you can choose if you need one.