When it comes to crochet, a lot of people think about the beautiful products that come out of the artful knitting experience. Comfortable and beautiful sweaters, blankets, bonnets, scarves, and mittens can be produced out of crochet. However, crocheted products could become even more special and filled with love when they are made with the same care and good intentions as a prayer shawl.

What are Prayer Shawls?

Prayer shawls are also known by various names such as comfort shawls, mantles or peace shawls. The reason why these crocheted products are exceptional comes into play when you look at the process in which it is made. At the beginning of the process, the crocheter begins knitting with a prayer and direct blessings toward the reciever of the creation. Afterward, as the crocheting continues, each part that is knitted is also created with good intentions in mind for the receiver.

When they are completed, the prayer shawls are sent to the people for which it was made. Overwhelmed by the goodness and kindness that the shawls bring, most recipients also take on the task of creating prayer shawls of their own to be passed on to other people who might need the warm embrace of a prayer shawl of their own.

Why is A Prayer Shawl Special?

These shawls are unique as they can be made for a variety of people who are in their own different ways, may be in need. They can be people suffering from serious diseases and may have to undergo serious surgery and other medical procedures like cancer patients who are under chemotherapy. They can also be made as a show of love and support for someone experiencing an unfortunate and painful time such as those who have lost their loved ones recently. Prayer shawls could also be made for people in the face of change or facing crossroads in their lives such as college students, newly-married couples, or friends that had babies.

Every stitch and pattern in the shawl can carry your love and best wishes to the person that you are making it for. You can even make the shawls more personalized by choosing the colors more carefully, the kind of crochet patterns to be used, and even additional accents such as flower designs, feathers, and beads, all according to the preference and needs of the person it is intended for.

How can making Prayer Shawls be a community activity?

Making prayer shawls can be a great community activity. You can establish a crochet group among people in your church circle, friends, family or neighborhood who would be interested in making the prayer shawls together for another group of people that might be in need. You might choose a children’s hospital to donate to, a homeless shelter, orphanage or a home for the aged. Together, you can work on the shawls and express prayers and well-wishes for your intended recipients.

As a community, making prayer shawls can be beneficial to the crocheters themselves. Other than practicing generosity and love and service for others, the members of the crochet group can also get to know each other better and be bonded closer together as a family or community.