If you have been a crocheter for a very long time, you might find your place overrun with many finished projects. Maybe at first, you can find a place for them in your home that needs your tea cozies and placemats. However, what can you do with the other excess crochet projects that you have put your heart and time into?

Of course, you can always give them away as tokens of affection or as gifts to your friends and family. Although, if you are a long-time and experienced crocheter, you might want to start considering selling your creations to other people. There are many ways that you can follow to start a business with your crochet creations. Here are some tips to get your crochet business of the ground.

Create Quality Products

Similar to all other kinds of business, the best way to start a business and to make it grow is to make sure that you are creating quality products that would be attractive and valuable to customers. What is your expertise as a crocheter? What kind of products can you make? Whatever you answer to these questions may be, even if for the moment you can only create placemats or scarves, the key is for you to make excellent products.

Study the Market for your Products

Think about what kind of products are needed for most people in your area. Study the market where you intend to sell your products, and as a small start-up business, you can think about your immediate community. Are you located in the northern part of the country? Surely, there would be constant cold weather. Maybe you can maximize on your fellow citizens’ needs by producing cold-weather products such as knitted sweaters, blankets, scarves, and bonnets. Studying the market for your products would also include selecting the proper pricing for them. Look at your competition, how much are their products worth? How can you be competitive with them without compromising product quality or profit?

Consider Various Selling Platforms

Typically, products are sold face-to-face or personally in stores or malls. If you are looking at a traditional distribution platform without establishing your own store and worry about getting loans, paying monthly dues or hiring employees, maybe you can look at developing a partnership with known stores that could sell your product, serving as their supplier.

Another way is for you to take advantage of the internet and consider creating an online store for your products. Your customers can just browse through your products and order them online. Setting up the website and customizing it to attract customers may take some time but it would be a cheaper and reliable alternative for a product distribution platform.

Invest in Advertising and Customer Service

Since you are just starting up your business, you may need to invest a lot in advertising. If you want to reach as many people as possible, why not consider online advertising? Social media platforms offer marketing services to business owners. Another way to spread the word is by starting your own blog or vlog so that possible customers might know your story as a crocheter and as a business owner. Being a good business owner also entails that you should take good care of your customers. Consider putting up a feedback portion on your website where the customers could contact you in case they would have concerns such as wrong delivery orders or returns.