Crochet is a great creative outlet that you can take up easily. In addition to being fun, it also allows you to make one-of-a-kind gifts for those you love. You can also make useful items for yourself, your home, and more. Starting out it can be a challenge to find easy projects to practice with. If you’ve ever wondered how to get started, here are seven easy crochet projects for beginners.

Classic crochet granny square

First up, although it’s not an item in and of itself, the granny square pattern is an extremely useful thing to learn. Once you know how to stitch this you will be able to use it in a number of designs. Additionally, you should learn how to join crochet squares. This way you can combine a number of small ones to make just about anything. If you crochet too many squares, you can reuse them as coasters.

The easy crochet sweater

The crochet sweater is based on a rectangle and is perfect for cold winters or just lounging around the house on the couch. Be careful with the choice of yarn, as it should be soft enough to be flexible. Too bulky and it goes from cozy to annoying quickly. The stitch texture and sleeves, as well as a fancy collar, make this sweater look like it takes way more effort than it actually does.

The beginner baby blanket

Part of the fun of crocheting is the great gifts you can make for loved ones. If you’ve got a newborn or have friends or family with babies, one of the easiest gifts you can make is a personalized crochet baby blanket. When you’ve got the hang of the crocheting basics, you can make even more intricate styles that will please both parent and baby.

The baby cardigan

Simple shapes make crocheting a baby cardigan or sweater a breeze. It’s based on five rectangles that you join together to make the garment. When following a pattern for newborns to one year olds, it’s always recommended that you size up if unsure. The child will eventually grow into it if you make it too big.

Bags on bags

A simple bag can be a good way to get crocheting. Variations include a large bag for taking to the farmer’s market, as well as a smaller one that’s just big enough for a phone or some coins.

The placemat

Using just single crochet stitches, a placemat is the ultimate simple design for a beginner to tackle. It is almost impossible to mess them up, and they are great for outdoor picnics. Basically, a good place to start if you want to see if the crochet is the activity for you.

Crochet slippers

Also using single crochet stitches, the crochet slipper pattern is a great opportunity to make something for yourself after you’ve crocheted up a storm making gifts for other people. It’s one of the more advanced patterns, so try this after your other beginner projects.

There is decreasing as part of the pattern, so if you need practice in this area this slipper pattern is the perfect combo project. Decreasing is the art of shortening rows while crocheting. This will be a helpful skill to have to shape future projects.