Although they may have the same techniques, crochet and knitting have several subtleties that make them different from each other. At first glance, you may find it difficult to differentiate the two craft, but this article will thoroughly explain the difference between crocheting and knitting. First, let’s take a look at the history of the two craft. Crocheting is said to have originated from France, “crochet” is a French word for hook. It is pretty tricky to tell when crochet was invented because it is difficult to lay hands on any surviving crochet pieces made before the 1800s.

Crochet is done primarily by pulling yarn loops through previously made loops till you get the desired result. You will have to start off with one continuous strand of yarn and continuously pull through series of circles till you get a row. The set of multiple rows creates the final piece of craft. The hook is used in guiding the yarn or the desired fabric through the loops. Depending on your pattern, you can work with either one loop or multiple loops. Working with multiple loops is known as the Tunisian work. However, you will be working with just one active loop at a time in most of your crochet works.

The size of the hook determines how lose the final result will turn out: the bigger the hook, the looser the result of your work. If you make use of smaller hooks, your final result will be firm. Early crochet hooks were mainly regular needles bent to the end. These hooks are not as comfy as the ones used today; they are also less efficient. Modern hook used today are from a variety of materials. Some people have professional wood turners make their hook from unique woods. Some even decorate the handle with all kinds of fanciful accessories like decorative stones and beads.

Knitting gets its name from the Dutch word “Knutten” which means “to knot.” The process of knitting is a little bit different from crochet because instead of using one single crochet, you will be making use of two sets of needles to create a series of stitches that will eventually turn out to your desired project. Sweaters are the most popular item made by knitters, with the right knit sweater fabric, you can create all types of different color patterns and make genuinely outstanding pieces. However, everything that you can knit, you can also be crochet, the only difference between the two is the final result.

Some people prefer crochet because it’s more intuitive and less strict than knitting. However, some people feel like knitting is more versatile and precise. Either way, they both can be mastered given a little bit of practice and determination. Finally, now that you know the different processes of crochet and knitting works, you can now go ahead and get yourself a quality sweater fabric and try out both techniques until you have mastered the craft. You will be surprised on the kind of home fabric you will make with just a pair of dull needles and your inherent creativity.