Most pastimes bring some benefits to the lives of the people that follow them. It does not have to be running a marathon that is good for your health. Arts and crafts are good for stimulating the mind which is just as important as exercising the body. The therapeutic benefits of crochet and activities such as knitting cannot be underestimated and are also really numerous. From simply calming yourself down from a stressful day, or more serious benefits such as relieving the onset of memory loss. Taking up crocheting can be really good for you.

Crocheting Helps You Sleep

If you suffer from insomnia, then taking up something that is repetitive, and soothing can really help. Following a crochet pattern and laboriously working away with your needle can relax the body and mind so much that you fall asleep easily. If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed at night, it may be time to turn on the lights and pick up your crochet project.

Crocheting Reduces Stress

When daily life is getting on top of you, then it is time to relax and take a breather. The best way to release stress is doing something that you like as that completely occupies your mind. Then there is no room left to dwell on what stressed you out in the first place. Simply pick up your hook and yarn then free your mind for twenty minutes or so.

Crocheting Eases Depression

One of the most misunderstood conditions of modern times is depression. And doctors immediately prescribe Prozac and other SSRI’s as they are too busy to get to the root of the problem. When you do an activity that you enjoy then there is a chemical reaction in your brain and the body releases an enzyme called dopamine. This chemical helps to control emotions and is in fact a natural anti-depressant. Doctors and scientists agree that pastimes such as crocheting will stimulate the brain and make us happy by releasing dopamine.

Crocheting Reduces Alzheimer Onset

There is scientific evidence that hand’s-on pastimes such as crocheting can reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s between thirty to fifty percent. By getting involved with a cognitive exercise your mind is stimulated which has been proven can help with memory loss and help to slow down the effects of mind disorders such as Alzheimer’s. Whether this is done by learning a new type of stitch or remembering a new pattern, crocheting will definitely help.

Crocheting Builds Self-Esteem

When we start getting older it is natural to still want to feel useful. Many of us leave high pressurized and busy careers and find that retirement is an alien environment. Working on your own project can help bring back your self-esteem and give you some feeling of worth once again. Many people who take up pastimes such as crochet do not do so for compliments or praise, but when families and friends admire your work it is impossible not to feel a sense of pride. All these great benefits can be gained from taking up crochet as a pastime, so get to it and order your hook and yarn.