Are you looking to crochet your first sweater? Come on board as we take you through steps that would guide you on your first significant crochet experience! Mind you, this is just a written guide, you would find most information here useful, but if you get confused, you can use a video tutorial for more clarification.

Choose the Desired Pattern

First and foremost, before you begin, you will need to find a crochet pattern you want to make. It is better to go for crochet sweater pattern with a yarn that is easy to find. That makes your crochet project easy, and you won’t have to go through all the stress of finding the yarn.

Ensure to have the adequate skill for your chosen pattern or better still go for the most comfortable design, as a beginner your choice of the pattern should be free from any fancy stitches, but instead be more of basic stitches to enable you to follow quickly. If you must go for a pattern with fancy stitches they shouldn’t be too complicated. Conclusively, being your first time, it is preferable to start with sweater crochet pattern that contains easy shapes, like triangles, rectangles, and squares.

Read the Pattern Carefully

After deciding on your pattern and yarn, before you begin to crochet, I will advise you take some time to study your crochet pattern carefully. Endeavor to understand every bit of the design and acquaint yourself with what’s to come. It is always better to distinguish parts before you start than to discover you have done something wrong, thinking you were crocheting the right thing not knowing you were doing something else altogether. Always make out time to read through the pattern because it will help you avoid lots of mistakes.

Make a Test Square & Decide on Size

After studying your pattern, the next step is to make a test square. The main reason for the test is to check if your gauge fits the crochet pattern gauge. Once is 100% match you are good to start and don’t have to go through the pain of making changes. If the reverse is the case, you can try to go up and down in the crochet hook to see if it fits the gauge. Once you are done with your test square, you can proceed to check the measurement included in the pattern, to know what size suits you. Always consider easy, so that you won’t end up making a sweater that is too loose or too fitted.

Stick to the Instructions and Trust your Instincts

This is the last and essential step before you set out the entire process, you must abide by all instructions and trust your gut. As you get started, you may get confused and lost, but the instructions will always bring you back on track. It is advised to watch the tutorial video repeatedly, especially if you have no rudimentary knowledge of crocheting. Most people had no one to teach them and learned the skill online. Do not be discouraged if you get confused. Patiently find your way back and make sure you enjoy yourself.