People who crochet things like scarves, hats, sweaters, blankets or any kind of warm cosy items, put their time and talent to work. It does not matter if it is just a small crocheted item, it is still held as a home-made treasure. If you get it as a gift or you made it by yourself, you must take good care of it, otherwise, it will not be as new and nice as the first time you got it. Doing so you can keep the items for many years, and it won’t be damaged. To keep it that way, let’s take a look at some tips on how to wash it in a proper way. If your wool’s label says it is based on superwash, there is no difference if you hand wash it or use a machine for it, as long it is washed with cold water and gently dried. Normal wool cannot be washed using hot water! To have it cleaned properly, use cold water and wash it by hand or else it will shrink. Linen and cotton have to be washed using a washing machine on a soft mode with either warm or cool water. If you do not know from what fiber is your item made of, wash it by hand in cool water and leave it somewhere to dry itself.

Tips for hand washing crocheted pieces

Hand washing items might sound like it is a pretty big job to do, especially if you have to wash larger items or multiple ones but it is worth your time if you have to take care of a crocheted piece of art. If you want to wash a big blanket or a bedspread by hand, try using your bathtub or buy a specific large tub for your washings. When washing, the pieces will be heavy and hard to hold because all the water will be soaked in the crocheted item. Even though it is a hard job to get your hands on, you will prevent damages to your item and washing machine due to its heavy load.

Try not to scrub or wring the crocheted item and do not forget to choose the right detergent and set water temperature.
For the rinsing step, pour cold water to the tub or sink and repeat the process when the water will be clean and without any suds.

How to dry crocheted items?

When you need to transfer washed item to the dry towel or someplace else to dry, make sure to put a support under it.
Put the item on a flat surface with the towel but do not wring it as it then the crocheted piece would take in the water.
Make sure to have a couple of towels because you will have to transfer it from one to another. If you are putting the item to dry on a wooden surface, check if it has a protection to secure it from water damages.

Transfer the item to the new dry towel and shape it to the original form to make it easier to dry. Do not try to pull it from one end to another. Gently straighten the whole piece.
When every other step is done, leave the crocheted piece to dry for approximately one day.