When it comes to crocheting, the best and most popular material would be yarn. Many cannot deny the beautiful and high-quality projects and crocheting products that you could produce with yarn as the primary material. However, if you are more experimental or if you just want to be more adventurous as a crocheter, there are other materials that you can try using when you crochet your next project. Take a look at some possible alternative crochet materials below.

Fabric Strips

Having lots of old clothes that are already too raggedy to be donated for charity is not a problem for crocheters. One of the best alternatives for yarn in your next crochet project is fabric strips. If you have scrap fabric worn bed sheets, curtains, linens, or bought in thrift shops, you can cut them into strips and used them to create new knitted products. An example would be rug crochets where you do not need to buy welcoming mats and instead make rags or rugs from fabric strips.

Plarn (Plastic Yarn)

If you are a crocheter and an environmentalist as well, you can marry these two passions into one by making crochet products out of used plastic bags. Yarn resourcefully created from recycled plastic bags is officially known as plarn. There are several do-it-yourself procedures for making plarn such as replicating the t-shirt yarn method, the spiral method, and the loop method. You can find the step-by-step process online.  Plarn can be used in a lot of projects such as making rainhats, bags, backpacks,  or even sleeping mats.


Wire bracelets have been trendy among kids and teenagers. They usually design these wires with beads, sequins, or charms and wear them as bracelets or anklets. However, wires, especially the very thin varieties, can also be used as a yarn alternative in your next crochet project. Other than making beautifully weaved and knitted jewelry from wires such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, other products can also be made such as home décor. Crocheted lamps in various shapes and sizes could also be made using wires. All you need is to mount it on a structure and insert a lightbulb inside.

Paper or Newspaper

Believe it or not, another yarn alternative that you could use is paper or newspaper strips. However, you have to be patient enough when working with this material as they can be very brittle. Kids have usually made paper weaving art projects ar school, but designers such as Ivano Vitali have taken paper weaving to a new level. Other than saving the environment by being a means of recycling, Vitali has also sustainably been successful in wearable and fashionable items out of crocheted paper.


Licorice, pasta, bread, and other edible materials can also be used and turned into your next weaving and knitting project. Other than making pretty candy designs from licorice and other stringy sweets, bread has already been very popular as a medium of weaving artistry. Some popular examples include the woven basket bread, braided egg bread, challah bread, and eight-strand plaited loaves.