Just about anything that a pet uses can be crocheted. A sweater, a dog bed, even toys for cats, are all perfect crochet ideas. Best of all, a pet won’t judge if you don’t get the pattern right the first time. Ready to get started? Here’s a guide to some unique and fun crochet projects for pets.

Bluebell cat toy

What do you get the cat that has everything? For a picky feline, the answer is a fun bell toy. This simple project just requires a crocheter to knit around an empty cardboard toilet paper tube. The bell that is attached to the end is sure to occupy a cat for hours. Even if you don’t have a cat yourself, the toy can be a great gift for an animal shelter. Do a few and donate them, they’ll be grateful for the heartfelt sentiment.

Cheeky mice

Also sure to be a hit with cats, toy mice are almost as fun to play with as a ball of yarn. Think carefully about which stuffing you use, as some cats enjoy taking apart the mice. Others simply like to bat them around. You can have great fun throwing the mouse for your cat to chase after as well. The best thing about these toys? They’re incredibly easy to crochet. The ears are separate, and the tail is knotted securely onto the body of the mouse.

Pet sweater

The pet sweater is a classic crochet project for pets that will never get old. There are so many variations, colors, and styles possible that you can do a few of them, even in different weights of yarn for different temperatures. Smaller dog breeds especially appreciate them as they lose body heat quickly even in milder temperatures that may not seem cold to their owners. Not sure if your pet needs one? If they are short haired and shiver when you take them outside, then yes. Larger dogs aren’t immune from the cold either. Greyhounds, for example, get very cold easily. Once you’ve made a doggy sweater, let your pet wear it indoors for a few minutes. If they seem uncomfortable, either the sizing is wrong or their fur is enough to keep them warm.

Doggy bow tie

Not only is a doggy bow tie fun to make, it also looks great in photos. The possibilities are endless for this pattern. It can be part of a Halloween or Christmas costume or just a formal look for a photo shoot. Your dog is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood pets and also get plenty of compliments from human admirers. If the pattern is too complicated, it’s possible to purchase a ready-made bow tie online.

Pet bed

The crochet pet bed is another versatile item. For example, it can be made bigger for a larger animal, or small for a growing kitten – your skill may be put to a good use, leaving your beloved pet happy and cozy. The Love an Animal bed can be made into a flat mat for comfort as well.