Crochet is simply a way of designing fabric from a crochet or yarn thread making use of a crochet hook. The work crochet means “Hook”. When trying to start off a crochet idea, you first make a knot known as a slip knot, then put in the crochet hook through the loop, wrap the thread around the hook and firmly pull through the first loop. Then keep wrapping the thread across the hook and working past the previous loop until you reach the desirable length. Every loop passed through the previous loop is described as a chain.

After you have made the chains, you will need to combine the final chain to the very first chain with a slip knot, hence forming a round shape and working in rounds. You can also simply turn the chains and work in rows. As crocheting in rows, the work gets turned at the end of every row, but when you work in courses, you can decide where you can to turn it, and the patterns can help you determine your moves. You make a crochet stitch when you wrap the yarn around your hook and pull one or more loop through the chain, the stitches from the previous round or the last row. One good thing about the crochet is that at the very end of each stitch, there is just one current loop remaining on the hook.

You can make all kinds of home fabrics like doilies, tablecloths, bedspreads, afghans from crocheting. You can even make your clothes; you can make your sweaters, skirts, scarves, hats, ponchos, slippers, headbands and even socks. Some other items which are made from crocheting are bags, placemats, napkins, dishcloths, purses. Just like yarn, Lace crochet is hugely popular even in the 20th century. Some people still prefer to crochet lacy doilies, placements using fine cotton threads and small size hooks. The modern trends of lace crocheting are used in making patterned afghan rugs, shawls, and other clothing materials. Currently, crocheted garments and home fabrics made from a vast variety of yarns including bamboo, wool, cotton, and possum.

You will find many tutorials online that teach how to crochet. You can also get practical videos from youtube and learn the craft quickly. There are many free crochet patterns available online or you can opt for a pattern book from your local yarn store. Patterns determine the kind of yarn and size of crochet hook you will use for the project. Thick yarn sometimes requires larger size crochet hook while thin yarn or crochet thread is down with a smaller hook.

Learning how to can be very tricky. You have to learn how to hold the yarn in one hand and the crochet hook on the other side, this way you will work both of them together and bring out the finished project. The craft is also time consuming, but your speed will increase with regular practice. You may get frustrated at the beginning, but as you learn how to comfortably hold the yarn and hook, you will even find it relaxing and will love to crochet.